Probate Law

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Probate is the legal process of distributing the estate of the deceased person. It is during this court-supervised process that all claims are resolved, and the assets of the deceased are distributed according to the person’s will. Thomas E Baker Esq, A Law Corporation in Paradise, CA works diligently to carry out the wishes of the deceased.

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Benefits of Probate

  Limits Creditor Claims

When a will is admitted to probate, creditors will be given notice and only have a limited amount of time to file a claim for payment against the estate. If the claim is not submitted in time, it’s cut off in the future.

  Settle Estate Disagreements

There are times when a family member may not agree with how an estate should be handled or whether the deceased individual was of sound mind when the Will was created. Probate gives individuals an opportunity to settle any disagreement over an estate.

  Designation of Guardianship For Minors

Designation of guardianship can be outlined in a will. For families with young children, it is important for young parents to identify who will raise their young children should both parents be lost to illness or accident before the children reach adulthood.